The Best Free Online MBA Courses

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an admirable objective that leads to fascinating global job possibilities. Traditionally, earning an MBA has been quite costly, but does it have to be that way? Are there any free online MBA programs available?

The good news is that free online MBA programs are available; nevertheless, let’s first define what an MBA is.

What is an MBA?

Harvard University established its first MBA program in 1908, with 80 students and 15 faculty members. Although it wasn’t first thought to be on par with other schools like law and medicine, the MBA eventually gained popularity and recognition. The MBA has become the most sought-after degree in the modern world, with a stellar international reputation.

Since an MBA program is a generalist degree, the subjects you study will be broad and comprehensive, including marketing, finance, accounting, and leadership. In addition to studying business fundamentals, you’ll get the chance to practice your abilities in authentic settings.

Over the years, business schools have changed and now provide executive-level studies, full-time, part-time, and even free online MBA programs and courses.

What’s an Online MBA Course?

The course material for traditional in-class MBA programs is identical to those of online programs. Students enroll in numerous courses in a variety of subject areas, including as business law, ethics, and accountancy.

For individuals who are busy and attempting to balance job and personal obligations, online learning offers flexibility in pursuing a free online MBA.

Online education can take place synchronously, asynchronously, or in both directions. Asynchronous learners use a learning management system, such as Moodle, to access course materials at their own convenience. Synchronous learners use a technology such as Zoom to attend classes at predetermined times and on designated days.

Let’s examine a few institutions that provide free MBA courses or an online MBA credential. Let’s now discuss how to obtain a free MBA.

Free MBA Programs

At Ivy League universities, the price of an MBA can range from free of tuition to over $100,000. Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, are another type of learning opportunity that let anyone enroll in college-level courses for nothing or very cheaply.

Even though MOOCs cannot be transferred into other colleges, they are valued as effective business education resources, and many employers will often pay back their employees’ tuition.

Let’s examine a few universities that provide free online MBA courses through MOOCs like edX and Coursera.

University of Colorado (Denver) Business School

The online MBA program offered by the UC (Denver) Business School offers nine distinct specialties.

After completing 30 core credits, students select a specialization. Since all courses are asynchronous, students have a lot of freedom in terms of planning their study sessions. It is possible to finish the MBA program in as short as 16 months.

Advanced business MOOCs at UC Denver include Researcher Management and Leadership Training, Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence, and Business Analytics.

Florida International University

An eighteen-month Professional MBA (PMBA) program offered entirely online by Florida International University can be finished. Additionally, qualified students can apply for performance-based scholarships up to $15,000 through this highly regarded program. There are three distinct tracks, five term starts, and ten specializations available for the Professional MBA.

Through its open-source learning portal, FIU provides free online MBA courses, including Project Management Essentials, and refreshes the courses frequently.

University of the People

Among business institutions, the University of the People is distinct in that it provides a tuition-free MBA program. UoPeople’s 100% admission record and lack of entrance examinations have eliminated the typical obstacles to a college degree.

A bachelor’s degree from an approved U.S. university or its equivalent, two years of work experience, one reference, and fluency in English are requirements for admission to the UoPeople MBA program. Additionally, UoPeople offers certifications in five specializations for business administration.

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