What is main role of website in Internet

The primary job of a site on the web is to act as a computerized presence for people, organizations, associations, or any element that needs to lay out an internet based personality. The owner of a website and the people who visit or use it can share information, communicate, and …

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Who Invent an Internet and When

The web was not created by a solitary individual, yet rather it was created over the long run by various specialists and designers. However, Sir Tim Berners-Lee was a significant contributor to the growth of the internet. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, an English PC researcher, is credited with imagining the Internet …

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How The Internet Work And Its Benifites

The Web is a worldwide organization of PCs that are interconnected and speak with one another utilizing a normalized set of conventions. It permits clients all around the world to trade data and assets. Here is an improved on clarification of how the Web functions: Gadgets and Framework: The Web …

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